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30 de Marzo, 2012 · rs gold

RS Power Leveling - Seventh Anniversary retrospective Guide

Speaking of bots, RS2Sale never use bots to complete RS power leveling ordered by the customers. In October of last year, we heard the unfortunate news that Runescape was losing the war on bots. However, Jagex didn't give up fighting with botters and strived to solve the problems through legal procedure by threatening to file a class-action lawsuit against botters. As a result, player activity on the servers dropped by 60%. Therefore, please feel safe to buy RS power leveling at RS2Sale With several practical actions, Runescape gave a strong strike on botters.

Developers of Runescape tried their best to break the bots by adding patches and updates. But one thing the Runescape players paid more attention to is breaking the bots by Jagex. If you place an order to buy RS power leveling here, we will complete your order in the stated time agreed by you and RS2Sale. At the first time your order is completed, we will inform you via 24/7 Online Chat Help. To start with, congratulations on the seventh anniversary of the end of the Runescape 2 beta since Runescape officially launched in 2001.

In the past year, with a complete gameplay and graphics overhaul, massive content updates that added clan support, upgradeable clan citadels, a new website, and countless new quest were released. While the botters were going to celebrate their big success developers of Runescape took the deadly actions. Runescape once lost lots of rs money. Reviewing the last year, which is filled with failure and success in the process of game update, we are happy to find a new Runescape that is prone to perfectness. In the day named Bot-Nuking Day in Runescape, over 1,350,000 free accounts and 150,000 paying members were banned for using bots.

During the RS power leveling, if you do have some questions or doubts, you can contact our 24/7 Online Chat Help. Therefore, this year will forever be remembered as the year Jagex beat the bots. But this was once unworkable. All players who were suspected of botting received a letter to be persuaded not to use bots anymore and be offered a one-time amnesty. Professional RS players work for RS2Sale to help RS power leveling.
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