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27 de Marzo, 2012 · Boxing Games

Just Impact and Hit Down in Punching Games

You can control your character using your mouse in some games, while others require you to use a keyboard. One of them is your opponent and the other one is be controlled by you. Some games allow the user to dodge and protect themselves from an onslaught of punches, and yet other games allow the user to throw power packed punches once in a while. As a lot of boxing games are available, one can surely find a game which suits his taste. Some games allow the player to create his character from scratch, and in these you can choose everything to suit your preferences; right from the characters' skin tone down to the kind of shoes your character wears during the round.

These 'power punches' will help you knock out your enemy in just a single punch. Once you defeat them you can advance and fight stronger opponents. The chance of getting up after getting knocked down helps even amateur players to continue with the game until they eventually become a pro The game involves throwing punches at your opponent, to knock them down. This game is available in many different forms, and each is unique to that particular game-genre. You can select an animal and fight it as your enemy and have a lot of fun during the process. Each round unveils a greater challenge and this will surely keep you hooked on the game for hours.

Those who love boxing will definitely enjoy the realistic environment in which the character plays in. The ones that are meant for older people feature realistic environments and graphics. This game is suitable for individuals of all ages as it is simple enough for kids to understand, and since it features bright and attractive graphics. Some games let you start from the beginner's level where you are paired with weaker opponents. Some games require you to throw punches rapidly while others focus on using tactics to overthrow your opponent.

In case you get knocked down by your rival, you need to press the punch keys repeatedly to regain your stamina, and once you do, you can get up and start punching again. You need to take care that you don't get out of breath, as every game features a stamina bar, which lowers with each punch you throw, or each hit you receive from your opponent. Boxing games that feature animals are also available. Boxing games provide an awesome way to unleash pent-up stress. This game features two characters.

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